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What we do: Make PDFs accessible and compliant with Section 508

(...and if you only have one service, you better be good at it!)

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Dedicated Remediation Services

The AIM DIfference

We’re a bit different than most of our competitors- PDF accessibility remediation is not a sideline for us, it is our singular service.  Our goal is to guide our clients in accessibility “best practices” for document production, minimizing post-production remediation, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs.

Accessibility Adds Value

The US Census Bureau reports that nearly 1 in 5 citizens have some form of disability. Making your documents universally accessible is an investment that adds value to your content.

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Our Mission

AIM logo30 Million Americans are visually impaired. The Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act was created to eliminate barriers in information technology; advances in this technology have made it possible to significantly reduce these barriers, or even eliminate them completely. Accessibility In Mind is dedicated to helping fulfill this promise.