Accessible Documents Benefit All Users; Not Just for “Screen Readers”

It is a common myth that making your documents accessible is only for the benefit of users with disabilities. In fact, compliant documents benefit all users.  Consider these facts:

  • More and more content on websites comes in PDF form.
  • Structured, tagged PDFs are more accessible to search engines. Google, etc., is “blind”, in a sense; it sees an untagged document as a blank document. On the other hand, a tagged document is optimized for searching. This makes it easy for search engines and USERS to find content in your documents.
  • More and more users access content from tablets and mobile devices.
  • Structured, tagged PDFs are accessible on mobile devices using “page reflow”, available for mobile applications, so your content is readable on smart-phones, e-book readers, tablets, etc., ¬†virtually any Internet-connected reading device.

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