There is no automatic “compliance validator” tool available for PowerPoint documents, but following these best practices assures  documents are accessible:


  • All Text must appear in Outline View (Text in a text box will not appear in the Outline View)
  • Create slide titles in a Title Holder, not with a text box
  • Slide layouts are used for all text
  • No flickering and/or flashing text or objects
  • No animated text or objects
  • Graphics must have alternative text unless decorative or background image
  • An illustration created from several smaller images must be grouped to form one object
  • Alt Text must be associated with the grouped object
  • Check to see that charts were created in PowerPoint
  • If charts were copied from another program, they are treated as images
  • All charts must have Title, Legend, Axis Labels


  • Tables are a layout based on rows and columns
  • Check that tables were created within PowerPoint
  • When tables are imported into PowerPoint from another program or source, they are recognized as images
  • Labeled column and row headers
All documents must be error-free in PowerPoint Accessibility Checker and are spot-checked with assistive technology (screen reader) for accessibility.
All  documents must conform to HHS guidelines from PowerPoint Document 508 Checklist