EDCS: Specialists in Section 508 Compliant Fillable Forms

Electronic Document Compliance Services specializes in creating interactive “fill-in” forms for your PDFs. Fillable PDF forms can be accessed over the Internet or via email. If a PDF form includes form fields (for example, text fields, buttons, list boxes), users can fill the form online with Acrobat Reader.

All EDCS created forms are compliant with Section 508, and can make your information easier to access for the end-user as well as document producers.

Additional advantages:

  • Share links to your documents through email, Twitter, or post it on your website or blog.
  • Embed your forms directly into your web page.
  • Analyze your data: ┬áSort and filter real-time data in an online table.
  • View automatically generated charts of your data.
  • Share form results with others simultaneously and manage collected responses online.

Accessible fillable forms benefit all users, not just sight-impaired users. Make your forms more efficient and valuable- contact EDCS today for quote and turnaround