Estimating Costs for Section 508 Compliance Remediation

Here’s a nice overview of some real-world examples of what it takes to make documents accessible and compliant with Section 508:

Child Abuse Prevention Resource Guide for 2013 is over 80 pages (see From design of this document to PDF conversion, this report required about 20 hours of work to ensure compliance.

Child Maltreatment 2011 and 2012 reports ( are examples of ~250-page reports that required about 40–50 hours to fix Section 508 compliance issues and address any resulting formatting issues in the PDF.

Child Welfare Outcomes reports ( are over 400 pages, with many data tables, and may take well over 80 hours and $6–8K to make Section 508 compliant.

Overall remediation budget for about 200–225 PDFs of various sizes and complexity, most in the 2–20 page range with perhaps a quarter in the 21–200 page range, is about $250K. If most of the documents are at the high end of these page ranges, the cost (assuming a loaded rate of $80/hour) would be upwards of $300K.