EDCS remediated documents are checked for compliance and edited to comply based on client needs and criteria below:


• Accessibility permission flag is set
• Document is not image-only PDF
• Document is tagged PDF
• Document structure provides a logical reading order
• Text language is specified
• Document title is showing in title bar
• Bookmarks are present in large documents
• Document has appropriate color contrast

 Page Content

• All page content is tagged
• All annotations are tagged
• Tab order is consistent with structure order
• Reliable character encoding is provided
• All multimedia objects are tagged
• Page will not cause screen to flicker
• No inaccessible scripts
• Navigation links are not repetitive
• Page does not require timed responses

Forms, Tables and Lists

• All form fields are tagged
• All form fields have description
• TR must be a child of Table, THead, TBody, or TFoot
• TH and TD must be children of TR
• Tables must have headers
• Tables must contain the same number of columns in each row and
rows in each column
• Tables must have a summary
• LI must be a child of L
• Lbl and LBody must be children of LI
• Alternate Text and Headings
• Figures require alternate text
• Alternate text that will never be read
• Alternate text must be associated with some content
• Alternate text should not hide annotation
• Elements require alternate text
• Appropriate heading nesting