Section 508 News: One More Battle in the Fight for Equality in the Workplace

From Gary Wunder, on the website, a great article about the realities of accessibility. We’re not there yet…

” Government and industry have been slow to acknowledge the technological challenges the blind are beginning to face as we perform the routine duties of keeping a house and cooking our meals, but as early as 1998 the federal government acknowledged the need for technology usable by the blind in places of employment by adopting Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. In a nutshell the law says that anything built or purchased by the federal government must be accessible to people with disabilities, including the blind. The law covers everything from office computers to the copy machine, but the reality of federal compliance falls far short of the promises so eloquently proclaimed in the statutes of our land.”

“Section 508 must make real in the federal workplace the promises it boldly proclaims as the law of the land.”

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