Total accessibility is the goal of every AIM remediation. Contrary to common belief, passing an automatic check alone only shows technical compliance, and does not ensure accessibility. Un-tagged content, inactive URLs, and incorrect reading order are examples of errors that are overlooked by Adobe Acrobat’s autochecks. A document that is blank to a screen reader can be made to pass but is obviously not accessible or compliant.

Structured documents are accessible documents. Comprehensive remediation adds value to documents, for both sighted and sight-impaired users.

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Complete remediation includes these services:

  • Determine if the PDF file has been properly tagged. Verify that all content is tagged, and that tagged elements are properly sequenced and applied, edit as needed
  • Ascertain that reading order is correct and that tag list follows document reading order
  • Embed fonts (ensures proper font display for all users)
  • Style tags applied appropriately to all text and lists
  • Correct pagination added to thumbnails
  • URLs checked/activated
  • Bookmarks added (documents over 9 pages)
  • Table of Contents made active (optional, not required by Section 508)
  • All internal and external active links made BLUE (optional)
  • Correct properties, initial view settings, correct tab order, “fast view” set, custom properties removed, language set
  • Tables scoped (header and data cells appropriately tagged); all tabular data edited/tagged as tables with scoped columns and rows; tables created where absent
  • Add Alternative Text. Add informative and concise alternative text and descriptions for all non-text elements
  • Artifact all table PATH (border) tags (optional)
  • Artifact all background (decorative) graphics
  • Set PDF/UA identifier (The PDF/UA ID attests that the PDF is ISO 14289 compliant: Matterhorn Protocol Checkpoint 06-002)
  • Complete Adobe Acrobat Pro DC accessibility report showing no errors or warnings
  • PAC 3 Accessibility reports: PAC uses the Matterhorn protocol to analyze the accessibility and inaccessibility of existing PDF documents.
  • Spot check with screen reader (JAWS or equivalent)
  • TWO Complete Quality Checks

Exclusions or additions to the listed services at client’s request. Deliverables include remediated PDF and time-stamped validation reports from Acrobat Pro DC: “Accessibility Full Check” validating compliance with WCAG 2.0, PDF/UA, Section 508, and HHS. Please provide guidelines/requirements at time of bid request.

 AIM guarantee and certification of compliance with Section 508.

PDF/UA Document Remediation Conformance With Matterhorn Protocol

The Matterhorn Protocol was developed to provide a common set of tests to facilitate the exchange of detailed information on PDF/UA conformance. AIM remediation to PDF/UA standards requires documents to pass Matterhorn’s 136 tests, producing a document that is guaranteed accessible and compliant with this world-wide standard. Contact us for more information.

Fillable Form PDF’s- add these services:

  • Creation/edit of form fields
  • Tool tips added to form fields.
  • Formatting applied to form field (date, currency, etc.)

Note: Remediation limited to form documents created in Acrobat.

Minimum specifications:

  • No character encoding errors present
  • Document created with editable fonts
  • Alternate text descriptions of graphics/figures included or provided by client
  • Document properties (Title, Author, Subject, Keywords) provided by client

Terms and Conditions

All bid requests will include expected time frame for the job, date of document delivery from client to AIM and date of remediated document delivery from AIM to client. All documents less than 75 pages in length are subject to a $95 “short document” administrative fee. Payment terms: 30 day net. Contract and bulk pricing available, contact us for details.

AIM will evaluate documents requiring remediation and deliver a quotation of price per page for remediation and any additional charges that may be incurred to complete the remediation. Our evaluations are thorough, but there are sometimes issues that do not show in our evaluation that may make some documents impractical or impossible to remediate into accessible documents. AIM reserves the right to inform client of any documents that fall into this category prior to document remediation; documents will not be remediated and remediation charges for these documents will be subtracted from final invoice.

At client’s request, and upon agreement from AIM, documents not remediated due to aforementioned issues, or any pre or post-remediation document processing or editing, may be remediated at a charge of $150 per hour.

Services not specifically required for compliance may be excluded from remediation, at client’s request.

Untatgged PDFs may incur additional charges and require more time for remediation. Using best practices for creating accessible documents and providing AIM with tagged PDFs can significantly reduce remediation time and expense.

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Terms effective 01/01/2018