Guaranteed Section 508 PDF Compliance

We do one thing extremely well: make documents compliant with Section 508 and PDF/UA. We specialize in high-volume and individual document remediation with guaranteed certification of compliance.

US Government code Section 508 and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) have established requirements for document accessibility. Any electronic documents maintained, procured, or used by the U.S. Federal government must meet these guidelines.

All AIM specialists have completed the US General Services Administration Section 508 Universe Course Training and are federally certified, and we follow industry best practices  using the latest technology for every document. We complete the process by manually reviewing documents to ensure complete compliance.

Send us a representative sample of your project and we will evaluate the document at no cost or obligation.  We will provide you with:

  • Complete evaluation
  • Compliance plan
  • Firm quote
  • Turnaround time estimate

AIM deliverables include:

  • Time-stamped Adobe validation reports certifying compliance
  • Accessible text version of document in verified reading order
  • Completed HHS Section 508 checklist (optional)

References available on request. Please contact us for a quote and see how quickly we can get your job done!